BM: Brainstorm Mentorship group

BM: Brainstorm Mentorship Group
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Instructor: John Park

This program is designed for those who want to level up their skills, learn about design, and build a portfolio. The duration of this program is not constraint to a fixed time (i.e. what would normally be a term at Brainstorm), but more on what you need to accomplish. Students will be expected to devote time, be committed and dedicated in order to accomplish their goals for this program.
No two students' mentorship will be alike, as John will work with each student to help him/her achieve their individual goals- whether it be to improve their current technical or design skills or to build a portfolio. This is a serious program, if student fails to make it to class they are required to email instructor. Only 1x make up session at the end of the month. 2 Brainstorm Mentorship groups are available.  (not skill dependent)
Students will be meeting with John Park 2x a week for a total of 6 hours per day. (12 hours per week). 

GROUP 1: Tuesday & Thursday 11am - 6pm (1 hr lunch)
Limit 6 students
start date: 1/23/18
email for current availability
GROUP 2: Wednesday & Friday 11am - 6pm (1 hr lunch)
Limit 6 students
start date: 1/24/18
email for current availability

Price:  Tuition is $1,800.00 per month (4 weeks/8 meetings)
There will be a minimum of a 2 month commitment period to a maximum of 12 months. 
Available Options:

2 month - 8 weeks (16 meetings) $3,600
3 month - 12 weeks (24 meetings) $5,400
6 month - 24 weeks (48 meetings) $10,800
9 month - 36 weeks (72 meetings) $16,200
12 month - 48 weeks (96 meetings) $21,600

If you decide to leave the mentorship, you will forfeit your spot and will not be able to return until the following mentorship another open spot is available, as your spot will be filled with one of our wait listed students.  Students may also RSVP in advanced. 

For payment you have 3 options.
1.  We can send you a payment request via paypal.  a 2.9% fee will be applied
2.  You can directly wire us into our bank account.  $50 wire free will be applied
3.  Send us a check (no fee) Email us for details. 

Enrollment: Registration will be through email only on a first come first serve basis. 
To RSVP your spot, please email
Do not wait, seating is very limited and will fill up quickly. 

Pre-RSVP: You may also RSVP ahead of time.  Email us to let us know your desired dates!

For any other question, please see FAQ, see section C11 (B).

*Your enrollment is not secure until payment is received IN FULL AND you received a confirmation email from Brainstorm School. 

Materials: Students will be required to provide their own equipment (laptop, desktop, tablet, etc) and have a copy of Adobe Photoshop, in order to complete their assignments. 

Location: 223 W Palm Ave, Burbank, CA 91502

Waitlist: If registration is full, please email us at mentorship@brainstormschool to join our wait list.   titled: Mentorship Waitlist Request


What you can expect to learn:

  • Individual demos
  • Students will be developing or continue to develop a project of their liking.
  • Customized / tailored education to outfit student skill level
  • Target goals for each student, assignments will be provided based on current level and expectation
  • Portfolio building/development
  • Close working relationship with the students
  • Live paint-overs
  • Strategics learning and studying for each student
  • Possible networking to help students get their work in front of professionals for review
  • Internship and job training