Design Concept 4: Plein Air Painting

DC4: Plein Air Painting Mini Course

Learn from life in this offsite Brainstorm class lead by the amazing Mike Hernandez. This is a 5 week mini course that concentrates on the build-up of painting techniques from life that focus on color, light, composition and emotion. Learning from life and experience a way to paint, see and design. 

Time: Sunday (TBD), 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm (3 Hour course)

Instructor: Mike Hernandez

Focus: Becoming a better painter

First Class: September 18, 2016 / 5 weeks

Prerequisite: None

Materials: Traditional Medium (Gouache) 

Price: $650 *A registration fee of $15.00 will be applied to each class purchased. For terms and conditions see FAQ.

Location: Offsite locations & 223 W Palm Ave, Burbank, CA 91502

What you can expect to learn:


  • Paint from life and mother nature
  • Open for all levels (Beginner to advanced)
  • Traditional medium
  • Composition, colors and indication
  • Learn to see, read and interpret

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