Foundation Mentorship Online w James Murphy

Foundation Mentorship Online with James Murphy

Instructor: James Murphy

Foundation is everything!  This program is designed for students who want to improve their fundamental skills.  Each student will receive 2 hrs personalized time with the instructor per week.  You can also be a part of hours of critiques and demos with the rest of the group.  Students will be expected to devote time in order to accomplish their goals for this program. 

Learn how to break down shape & form, how to utilize line weight and value to create stunning artwork.  The mentorship will emphasize studying and emulating master illustrators to develop techniques which will enable students to draw anything. 

Term 4: Oct 8 - Jan 3 (open for registration)

Tuesday & Friday 8am - 2pm PST
*as scheduled for a full class

Mentorship meets 2 x per week (Tuesday & Friday from 8am - 2pm PST) through an online designated private room.  Limited to 12 seats in this group.  You will have 2 hours per week one on one with James Murphy as well as being a part up to 10 more hrs of critique, demo & discussion! 

Price: $1,200 per month
1 term minimum commitment
installment plan available

To register - email

*For refund & credit policy, please see FAQ section C11 & C16 for Mentorship program students


What you can expect to learn:

  • Form and Perspective

  • Lenses and distorted perspective

  • Draftsmanship

  • Texture and types of line work 

  • Lighting 

  • Style

  • Anatomy

  • Pose

  • Dynamics of Cloth