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Students from around the world gather to learn & develop in our friendly online community.

About Brainstorm School

Brainstorm is an online school for concept art, design, and illustration that focuses on artistic development. Students from all around the world come together to learn and grow in our welcoming online community. All of our courses are led by industry professionals who teach the latest design and creative methods used in today's entertainment business.

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What we do

At Brainstorm School, we offer a diverse range of courses tailored to different skill levels and interests. Our offerings include beginner courses for those new to concept art, advanced concept classes for experienced artists looking to refine their skills, and gaming industry courses designed to support career advancement in the gaming sector. All our courses provide opportunities for students to learn, gain experience, and receive feedback and criticism from industry professionals.

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What should I expect?

At Brainstorm School, we offer a variety of course formats to cater to different learning preferences. Students can choose from flash courses lasting 5 weeks to longer courses that take up to 12 weeks to complete. They can also participate in workshops and mentorships, which provide opportunities to explore different art forms, techniques, and more, thereby pushing the boundaries of their creativity.

Brainstorm School offers a full learning experience for beginners and seasoned professionals. We offer foundation class, digital painting and design courses focused around Character, Environment and Prop Design. Perfect for a student that is looking to sharpen their skills, whether you are applying for art schools, leveling up your professional portfolio or interested in learning new design techniques to help you on the job. We have classes for you!

Expect to have an incredible learning experience. Our community and school culture are supportive and welcoming. Be prepared to work hard and develop your skills! The average class requires approximately 20 hours of homework per week.

Quarterly Schedule

Creative education courses at Brainstorm School start in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, with registration opening two months prior for prospective students to register.

Next up!

fall 2024

Opens: Tue Jul 16 2024

Starts: Tue Sep 17 2024

spring 2025

Opens: Mon Nov 11 2024

Starts: Tue Jan 21 2025

summer 2025

Opens: Mon Mar 03 2025

Starts: Tue May 20 2025

fall 2025

Opens: Sun Jul 06 2025

Starts: Mon Dec 15 2025


If you wish to contact us to discuss your course requirements, find scholarships, or discuss the courses and prerequisites for any of our courses, you can email for any inquiries.
Our website is a comprehensive resource for information about our courses, who we are, and what we do. To learn more about our courses, you can easily navigate to our all courses page to discover what we offer and the requirements of each one. Each course page provides detailed information on the course start time, fees, lesson schedules, and duration, as well as the prerequisites you need to enroll. For beginner courses, these prerequisites are not required, but for the more advanced creative education courses, you will need relevant experience and knowledge to help you progress through the course.
Registration opens two months before the course start dates, and the next registration period will open once the Fall semester dates are announced.
If you are interested in registering for any of our courses, the process is simple. Just head to the course page for the one you are interested in and click the register button. This will direct you to a payment page, where you will be prompted to fill in the relevant details. Once you've completed the payment, you will receive a confirmation email with the next enrollment period and details about your course. We also offer the option to set up your payment plan if needed.Alternatively, you can email us for more information to help you find the right course.

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