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Open industry talk, with Stephanie Ma Stine

Let's get to know Stephanie Ma Stine and her amazing journey and story! We will be discussing various topics of art, career talk, habits, life tips and more! We want to bring encouragement, learning, excitement and good energy. Every question has a purpose.

Brainstorm School Open Canvas

At Brainstorm School, we are excited to introduce our Open Canvas Workshop, a dynamic platform designed to bring together artists from all walks of life. Whether you are a seasoned professional or an aspiring artist, our Open Canvas Workshop offers a unique opportunity to connect, create, and grow within a vibrant artist community.

What is the Open Canvas Workshop?

The Open Canvas Workshop is a series of interactive sessions that encourage creativity and collaboration among artists. This workshop is open to all skill levels and, structured similar to a podcast, can give students valuable insights into an artist's working process.

Benefits of Joining the Open Canvas Workshop

1. Connectivity: The Open Canvas workshops are designed to give you a glimpse into the classroom and an opportunity to meet and ask questions to our teachers and industry professionals.

2. Informal Environment: Its an easy place to connect with professional artists, ask questions, and gain valuable insights from them as they discuss their careers or demo a specific art technique. The collaborative nature of the workshop fosters a sense of connectivity and community.

3. Expert Guidance: Learn from experienced instructors who are passionate about teaching and sharing information about themselves and the industry. Providing the motivation you may need to keep you moving towards your goals.

Connecting with the Artist Community

One of the core aspects of the Open Canvas Workshop is the strong artist community it builds. Being part of a community of like-minded individuals can be incredibly motivating and inspiring. At Brainstorm School, we believe that the best learning happens when artists come together to share their experiences and knowledge. The Open Canvas Workshop is a perfect opportunity to expand your network, find potential collaborators, and make lasting friendships.

Online Open Canvas Workshop

In addition to our in-person sessions, we offer an online open canvas option for those who prefer or need to participate remotely. The online workshop provides the same interactive and engaging experience as our on-campus sessions, ensuring that you can benefit from the workshop no matter where you are. Our online platform is equipped with tools that facilitate real-time collaboration, feedback, and learning.


Concept Art for Games and Film is the process of visualizing and designing characters, environments, props, and scenes to bring creative ideas to life. It serves as a blueprint for the final production, guiding the artistic direction and ensuring a cohesive and compelling visual narrative. At Brainstorm School, our courses teach you the skills and techniques needed to excel in this dynamic field, preparing you for a career in the entertainment industry or enhancing your portfolio.
A concept artist is not just an artist, they're a storyteller. They understand the technical aspects of designing art for use in media and apply these techniques and fundamentals to bring a picture to life in different formats. Concept artists are the visionaries behind the art in games, films, and video game concepts. Concept artists turn ideas into visual masterpieces.
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