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A World of Creativity

Brainstorm School Gallery

Welcome to the Brainstorm School Gallery, your gateway to a world of creativity and innovation. Here, you will find a diverse collection of artwork showcasing the talents of our students and instructors. From concept design to environment design, our gallery features stunning pieces that reflect the skills and dedication of our community. Whether you're interested in the gaming industry, the film industry, or simply seeking artistic inspiration, the Brainstorm School Gallery has something for everyone.

Discover Concept Design Masterpiece

At Brainstorm School, concept design is at the core of our curriculum. Our gallery features exceptional concept art that brings characters, creatures, and worlds to life. These pieces demonstrate the foundational skills and creative techniques taught in our courses, providing a glimpse into the imaginative processes of our students and instructors.

Character Designs: Explore a variety of character concepts, each with unique personalities and detailed features.

Creature Designs: Discover imaginative creatures, from mythical beasts to futuristic aliens, showcasing the creativity of our artists.

Concept Gaming Design: For enthusiasts of the gaming industry. Here, you will find concept art for games, including character development, environment layouts, and game mechanics illustrations. These artworks highlight the intricate process of game design, from initial sketches to polished concepts ready for production.

Game Characters: Dive into the world of gaming with detailed character designs that capture the essence of various game genres.

Game Environments: View immersive game environments that set the stage for thrilling adventures and engaging gameplay.

Film industry: Illustrating the vital role of concept art in movie production. These pieces include storyboard art, scene layouts, and visual effects designs that contribute to the storytelling process in films. The creativity and technical skills of our artists are evident in every piece, reflecting their ability to bring cinematic visions to life.

Storyboards: See the visual narratives that outline key scenes and sequences in film production.

Scene Concepts: Explore detailed scene concepts that help filmmakers visualize their stories before filming begins.

Environment design: Our gallery features breathtaking landscapes and intricate settings that serve as the backdrop for both games and films. These artworks demonstrate the importance of creating immersive and believable worlds, showcasing the attention to detail and artistic vision of our students and instructors.

Student Gallery

The student gallery is a testament to the hard work and progress of our talented students. Here, you will find a wide range of artworks, each reflecting the individual style and creativity of our emerging artists. The student gallery is constantly updated with new pieces, providing a dynamic and ever-evolving showcase of talent.

Instructors Gallery

Our instructor gallery features the works of Brainstorm School's esteemed instructors. These pieces serve as both inspiration and benchmarks for our students, demonstrating the high level of expertise and creativity that our instructors bring to the classroom

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