Frequently Asked Questions:

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Questions for Classes

C1. Where should I start first?

Register for classes at Brainstorm School webpage on the following link:

(Information for all classes can be viewed on the link provided above)

If you are a beginning artist or looking to focus on concept design, we recommend a core focus of learning of these materials:

Beginner level: foundation courses, sketching, drawing, form understanding and drawing from life. (PBC, WB1, AD3, ENT1)

Intermediate level: Understanding of values, lighting, color, basic design fundamentals and digital medium (WB2, DC2, AD1, PD1)

Advanced level: Focused learning of design sensibilities, aesthetic and shape language ( AD2, DC3, WB3, ENT2)

Portfolio Building: Integration into designing for games and/or film (ENT2, AD2, WB3, DC3)

C2. How do I register for classes, mentorships, uninstructed mentorships, and workshops?

To register, please visit:

Registration is based on a first come first serve system. A Student is considered registered when full payment is received. A registration fee will be applied to each class, workshops and Uninstructed Mentorships purchased.

*Please note, all manual payments for classes will be made using paypal. A $20.00 paypal fee will be applied.

*Please note, the email used to register will be used for correspondences between school and students.

C3. When is payment due?

  1. Tuition in full is due during time of registration. Once registration is complete, you will receive a receipt email from StoreEnvy. This will serve as your confirmation for registration.

Processing Fee: If you are seeing a charge for shipping fee, do no be alarmed, this is our processing fee charge. Thank you

C4. What to expect from each course?

  1. All classes for entertainment design are scheduled for 10 weeks/3 hours per session.
  2. Assignments, Demo's, guest lecturers, reviews, critiques, paintovers along with solo & group activities taught by industry professionals.

C5. How many classes should I take each semester?

  1. Very Serious: 3 classes
  2. Serious: 2 classes
  3. Liesure: 1 class

C6. Do you require portfolio review for all your classes?

  1. “Foundation Courses”, “Digital classes” & “Workshops” - are open to everyone.
  2. “Intermediate Courses” - are open to everyone, however some classes require prerequisite courses to be fulfilled or a portfolio review if a student wishes to skip taking the prerequisites.
  3. “Advanced Courses” – all require portfolio reviews unless prerequisite courses are fulfilled. IE ENT3.

*It is highly recommended to all new students to start with foundation in order to transition to the intermediate and advanced course with a solid footing. Please refer to section C1 for curriculum details.

C7. Can I skip the Prerequisites for the classes want to register?

In order to skip a prerequisite class, please submit your portfolio link (no attachments) to: Please add ‘pre-rec wave review’ in the subject.

**Please note, if your portfolio is rejected for a class that requires prerequisites, you have 2 options, (1) receive school credits for use in future term classes or (2) a cash refund.

Please refer to our policy below in regards to which option you choose.

C8. Are Brainstorm School courses accredited?

NO, Brainstorm School classes are non-accredited courses that focus purely on industry standards for building a student’s foundation on design fundamentals, and portfolio development. All Brainstorm School instructors are leading professionals that mentor and guide students into a career within the concept design industry.

C9. Will I be able to master the skill within 1 class?

Classes at Brainstorm School are full of valuable information formatted by the school and instructors to deliver the best experience and education possible. It is very common for students to retake a class 2~3 times to fully absorb the content. Students often acquire different skills and understanding through repeated experience. Students will not master the skills and understanding provided in the class the first time. It takes further practice and development to truly master the skills from each class. Brainstorm School also offers other learning opportunities with workshops and mentorships to speed up the learning curve.

*We highly recommend the following program in between terms:

C10. Do you offer international student visa?

Brainstorm School does not offer student visa. You may attend our term with a standard visitors visa *this route is highly recommended

For other purposes, Brainstorm will provide an International Student Enrollment Verification Form that is required to obtain a visitor's visa. To request one, please email Brainstorm School at:

For more information in regards to student visa, please visit the U.S. DEPARTMENT BUREAU OF CONSULAR AFFAIRS site: or for general visa information, please visit

C11. Refunds, Transfers, Credit, Discounts Policy

Before three weeks prior to the first day of class – Refunds, Transfers, and Credits will be granted with fees applied. Fees are listed below.

For all inquiries regarding refunds, credits and transfers, please email:

A. Refunds & Credits

*100% refunds (with $100.00 fee deduction) deadline: 3 weeks prior to term start (21 days)

*50% refunds (with $100.00 fee deduction) deadline: 10 days prior to term start

*0% refund within 9 days period of term start date.


*There is a $50.00 fee per class of all transfers. (if there is space available)

*Transder request deadline: 10 days of term start date


*Credits to other term will be allowed with $50.00 fee deduction per class. There is one year expiration. Credit request deadline: 10 days prior to start date no credits will be allowed.

*mentorships are non transferable to any other time or individual

C12. Substitute teachers

In the rare event a current instructor cannot teach a class or mentorship because of professional and personal changes to their schedule, Brainstorm School will provide a qualified substitute instructor.

C13. Absences

Due to the nature of the courses, it is not possible to make-up missed classes. Since we cannot refund missed classes, we strongly advise student to make it to every session in order to get the most from each course.

C14. Do you offer sit-in's?

For respect to our enrolled students, we limit sit-in for 1 visitation per course for a maximum duration of 30 minutes. To schedule a visit, please email us at:

C15. If I am awarded a Brainstorm School Scholarship, can I use that towards any class for the term?

No, Scholarships awarded to students before the start of each term, can only be used for the classes that are eligible for scholarship use.

*Please note that our scholarship policy is subject to change each school term.

*Full or partial scholarships cannot be used towards classes that have already been purchased. If a student already registered into a class, and is awarded a scholarship for the same course, then Brainstorm will provide school credits to be used in future term courses.

*The email used to register will be used for corresponding between school and students.

C16. Brainstorm Mentorship Programs

3 Payment methods are available A) Wire transfer: $60 trasnfer fee will be added to total. Wire information available on request B) Payal: paypal fee will be charged for processing (5%) C) Check: email us for information

Installment payment: Email for more information

Refund: 100% refund with request emailed to Brainstorm School up to 60 days prior to mentorship month. Anything within 60 days: no refunds or withdrawls. *a refund processing fee applies: $200.00

Credit: no credits will be available for mentorship program

Cancelation: cancellation request must be submitted to Processing will be based on time/date stamp of email.

Materials: Students will be required to provide their own equipment (laptop, desktop, tablet, etc) and have a copy of Adobe Photoshop, in order to complete their assignments.

If you decide to leave the mentorship, you will forfeit your spot and will not be able to return until the following mentorship another open spot is available, as your spot will be filled with one of our wait listed students. Students may also RSVP in advanced.

*Your enrollment is not secure until payment is received IN FULL AND you received a confirmation email from Brainstorm School.

C17. Installment Payment Rules / Terms & Conditions

Use code "deposit" to begin the installment process during check out.

1st payment of 30% of total registration cost(during check out) will serve as your deposit which will reserve your seat.

2nd payment of 40% of total registration cost is due by the start of the first day of TERM (not your actual class start date)

3rd payment 30% of total registration costwill be due by the start of WEEK FOUR of the TERM.

A 7.5% installment processing fee will be included into your payments. Tuition + registration fee + installment processing fee = total balance due / 3 payments

Once your first payment has been made, we will promptly email you to set up the payment schedule! Be sure to careully read the terms below. There are no acceptions.

By paying the deposit you are agreeing to the following:
All payment will be made in full by the agreed schedule above.

Any late or no payment can result in cancellation of your class. No refunds once the term starts.

If payments are delinquent, enrollment will be denied for any future classes, programs or events at any and all Brainstorm functions

Late payment fee of $50