Perspective Boot Camp

Perspective is one of the most valuable skill for a concept artist. In this course, students become fluent in drawing anything in proper perspective. We will cover perspective topics including 1point, 2point and 3point perspective as well as proper usage of ellipses. Developing forms and understanding curves in space will also be covered.

Time: Monday 2:00pm-7:00pm
First Class: January 20, 2020
5 week course

Instructor: Eric Ng, Concept artist & Instructor

Focus: Understanding of perspective, ellipses and proportionsThis is an essential foundation for any illustrator and concept artist.

Suggested Materials: copy paper (8.5x11) single sheets (bright white preferred), Canson marker paper, Ball point pen (black), Zebra airfit 0.7 or Zebra F-301
Other supplies: (also supplied for inclass activity) Straight edge ruler, 30/60 Triangle, 45/45 Triangle, circle template, small ellipse guide set -picket ellipse guide no. 1224 (set of 15) 10 °–80°
Suggest reading material: How to Draw by Scott Robertson and Thomas Bertling

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Location: Burbank Campus

What you can expect to learn:

  • Perspective Construction

  • Line Weight

  • Curves in space

  • 3D forms on 2D surface

  • Ellipses in space

  • Controlling proportions in space

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